I have rather mixed feelings about wireless charging. On the one side it's really convenient. On the other I tend to charge it at night while I sleep and I often get enough notifications while asleep to move my phone just off the center of the pad, only for me to wake up to a phone with less power than before I went to bed.

Ugh, nothing like getting the message you don’t need to go somewhere as you arrive there.

It’s already way too late here, better get to bed so tomorrow morning won’t be too hard on me.

I like the idea of having poudriere testport run automatically for my internal ports tree based on pull requests. I think I should look into how to do that. It could certainly help avoid more of the awful git history we have, especially if we add reviews before merge, but that would probably leave us with a stupid number of merge commits. I definitely think fast forward “merges” are preferable when working through pull requests which can easily be rebased on top of master. Much nicer history.

Wonder what I should do about this for now. I really don’t feel like debugging this. But at least my lights work, so that is something.

Looking forward to 2.8 is released. Hoping it will help with some relay issues on another instance I host

My mqtt broker for home assistant broke with the latest update. Bye to all sensors using mqtt for now 😒

Tickets for this years roskilde festival has now been bought. Now I just need to figure out how to get there. Probably boat from Oslo to Copenhagen. But we'll see.

On a somewhat related note; FreeBSD should start releasing signatures for their manifests. We all know basically no one verifies the signatures, but having to look up a release announcement in the email archives ensures nobody does it.

I really don't understand why some people think so highly of the web of trust. I find it mostly useless for keys more than a hop or two away from my own and I'm in the strong set.

Meh guess I'm gonna go out for a walk, foxes need to get out of their holes too sometimes 🦊

The series hvite gutter (white boys) on Dplay was really entertaining 🤓

Guess I should get my ass up early tomorrow too to watch the docking.

Did get some Nanoleaf light panels today. They are quite nice, but I kind of regret where I placed them. I will have to do something about that at some point

Guess I’ll just stay at home and continue watching fullmetal alchemist

The feeling when you want to hang out with people on a Friday but don’t feel like binge drinking

I kind of want a vulpix plushie 😻I’m really tempted to get one. Should I?

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