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At least it came back after another reload without the SFP

WTF!? The whole SFP module disappeared after I reloaded the switch with the SFP attached

Genius! The `cts` interface command is gone for some reason despite me knowing I have used it on this exact switch earlier! Plus the SFP confirmed working on a different Cisco model earlier today is not detected.

Time to get these Cisco thingy's properly configured so we can get on with this project

I'm actually looking forward to the detective pikachu movie. Looks quite entertaining based on the trailers.

Hm, my coworker just complained the Perl code I committed was way to readable ๐Ÿค”

Postgirobygget was really awesome tonight, despite being very tired this became a great night

hm, it's beer O'clock here, better drag my ass from work to the local bar

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It's starting to get late here, guess I should get to bed.

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RT Was having the saddest day so made this to cheer me up and it worked. rt for good luck #bongocat

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elusive Arctic fox by Jakub Hodan Spitsbergen,Svalbard 2015/4/12

* Origin: Twitter (

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